Sigrid Spinnox


Sigrid Spinnox was born in Antwerp, Belgium. She gained a Masters in Photography from the Sint Lucas Instituut in Brussels and has been working as a freelance photographer since 2000. Her love of examining the world through the lens of her camera is closely linked with her love of travel. Working for a variety of NGOs and magazines, she has traveled to Bosnia and Kosovo and was based for three years in Africa, dividing her time between Mozambique and Cape Town.
Whether in post-war countries, communities coping with poverty and HIV/AIDS, or walking the streets of Antwerp, Sigrid excels in capturing random and vibrant moments full of hope and struggle. Her spontaneous approach offers rare glimpses into the essence of people living on the fringe, determined to make something of their lives.
Sigrid works on a freelance basis: in-depth photo reportage, travel stories,portrait or any other subject, story or theme.
Tara Mitchell